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A hundred years ago hard cider was commonplace in America. The elite drank cider and the working class drank cider. They cultivated apple varieties exclusively intended for fermentation. When prohibition was enacted, the complex infrastructure required to make cider was dissolved. The struggling orchardists destroyed most of America’s cider trees to make room for other crops. After thirteen dry years prohibition ended and beer took cider’s place as the star spangled beverage of choice. America quickly became the laughing stock of the cider world, and the best known cider apple varieties were forgotten.


The Oregon\Washington Cider Collective is a community of uncompromising American cider makers. We’re foraging the nation for the last remaining cider trees prohibition couldn’t kill. Our mission is to plant orchards of historical apple trees in the Pacific Northwest and bring back the finest USA-made cider since prohibition.

Welcome to the renaissance.


Cider is an emerging market in the United States. The Oregon\Washington Cider Collective wants to see the cider industry grow and succeed so we are committed to sharing our knowledge, research and cider-making skills with others.

Let’s make cider transparent together.
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OR\WA Nursery:

At OR\WA, we don't just recreate pre-prohibition era ciders. We have an entire nursery dedicated to growing rare, old-world apple trees. Whether you have acres and acres of orchard-ready property or you're just looking for a tree or two to plant at home, OR\WA Nursery can supply you with the finest varieties of cider apple trees.

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